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Welcome to JeRO

Guide and Event updates

About JeRO

JeRO is considered a high-rate server, it started in 2018, with Episode 16.1. Over the years, JeRO expanded till Episode 19, using the 2nd Feb 2023, client file to host the server. Even though it has decent drop rates. JeRO will encourage players to work hard on their way to obtain their final/desired gear. The ultimate achievement goal is to make self-accomplishment rather than using unorthodox methods to reach your goals.

JeRO always strife for balancing gameplay. This task is not easy as official classes tend to flavour specific classes. In order to create fair gameplay, JeRO has adjusted many classes to have their own strength and weaknesses against each other. There is no "ultimate" class to rule over other job classes. JeRO will continue to maintain the game balancing issue as it progresses forward with newer content and items.

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